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ANSI Cut Level

ANSI / ISEA 105-2016 Cut Protection Classification

At jobsites, in office spaces, and even around the house, we’re presented with varying levels of potential cut hazards. Your hands are two of the most valuable tools you have, so choosing cut-resistant gloves that provide the appropriate level of protection will keep you safer and more productive. So how do you choose the right level of cut protection in a glove? Easy, just look for the ANSI Standard rating. Firm Grip offers a range of ANSI-rated, cut resistant gloves that provide the ideal balance between protection, performance, comfort, and functionality.

How ANSI Testing Works

Diagram of testing method

Test Method

The American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, established a single standardized testing methodology to determine cut resistance in gloves. ASTM F2992-15 testing is performed by utilizing a standardized cut-testing device (TDM-100). The test sample is subjected to multiple cuts by a straight edged blade moving horizontally across the sample at a 20mm distance while a load (in grams) is applied. The blade is then replaced after each cut to ensure accuracy. Essentially, the cut resistance score is determined by the gram weight level applied that ultimately leads to the straight blade cutting through the material. The issued cut resistance level can range from A1-A9 with A1 providing the least resistance and A9 providing the most resistance.

Cut Levels by Grams

Cut Level

Weight (Grams) Needed To Cut Through Material with 20 mm Blade Travel











 ////////// < 200 G 

 ////////// ≥ 200 G 

 //////////////////// ≥ 500 G 

 ////////////////////////////// ≥ 1,000 G 

 ///////////////////////////////////// ≥ 1,500 G 

 ////////////////////////////////////////// ≥ 2,200 G 

 ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ≥ 3,000 G 

 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ≥ 4,000 G 

 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ≥ 5,000 G 

 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ≥ 6,000 G 

Jobs for ANSI Gloves


Light Cut Hazards

Light assembly and material handling, small parts with rough edges, warehouse, packaging, light automotive assembly, general purpose.


Medium Cut Hazards

Medium assembly and material handling, small parts with sharp edges, packaging, electrical, HVAC, metal fabrication and handling, automotive assembly.


Heavy Cut Hazards

Assembly or movement of heavy objects with sharp edges, metal stamping and recycling, sharp metal handling, glass and window manufacturing, HVAC, food prep and meat processing, aerospace industry.

Have questions? Please consult our Glove Specialist for help selecting a suitable level of protection for your safety needs.

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